Classical Guitar in Israel

Ever since I moved to Israel my choice to do so was continuously treated with surprise by classical guitar students, fans, and teachers here in Israel. “Why would you com here?” they asked, “were all trying to get to Europe”. “There’s nothing here”.

I wholeheartedly disagree! There’s everything here!

The people of Jerusalem care far deeper about music and beauty than anywhere else I experienced. Jerusalem is exactly the place for the expression of beauty in the world. More than anything though, it’s my home. If “there isn’t anything here”, then I’ll bring something here.

It’s been my tremendous pleasure to have been the first to introduce Classical Guitar to many Jerusalemites, to see them fall for its sweetness. Seeing other people fall in love with classical guitar reminds me of how I fell in love with it about five years ago.

I’m humbly grateful to be able to serve Jerusalem in such a way.

ירושלים של זהב, ושל נחושת ושל אור, הלא לכל שירייך אני כינור.

Published by David Frankel

David Frankel, from Antwerp, Belgium, living in Jerusalem, Israel. Performing in concerts, teaching music. Classical and Chassidic music on classical guitar.

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