The language of Music

People differ in the depth and clarity of their perception of music. Some perceive its humanity, some perceive its magic, some perceive its freedom. You may notice that when you hear music you detect different moments. Some moments are tentious, others are relaxed. Some notes feel as if they hang in the air, others asContinue reading “The language of Music”

Short Story About Erik Satie

What’s a Gnossienne? It was a French evening in the suburbs of Paris, though not being the Center of Paris the little Arcueil commune was not far enough to carry any other air than the Parisian. Erik held his nightly glass of absinthe in his hand and looked out the window of his Apartment building.Continue reading “Short Story About Erik Satie”

Classical Guitar in Israel

Ever since I moved to Israel my choice to do so was continuously treated with surprise by classical guitar students, fans, and teachers here in Israel. “Why would you com here?” they asked, “were all trying to get to Europe”. “There’s nothing here”. I wholeheartedly disagree! There’s everything here! The people of Jerusalem care farContinue reading “Classical Guitar in Israel”