David Frankel

David frankel was born and raised in a traditional Yiddish family in the uniquely preserved Jewish community of Antwerp, Belgium. Growing up in a culture of daily praising and singing, music was always deeply within him.

In his teen years during a period of isolation and reflection his relationship with music grew ever deeper, until David felt more at home in a piece of music than anywhere else.

At the age seventeen circumstances along with personal conviction finally allowed him to embark on his decisive journey to learn how to play music, so that he can share and develop his God-given talents. Having received a guitar from his loyal friends for his birthday he began searching for guitar music and discovered to glistening world of classical guitar repertoire.

Being at the time in a Yeshiva in Israël he looked for a classical guitar teacher and found one by the name of Guy Meir, he would then travel an hour and a half weekly in order to meet with him. He set himself the ambitious goal of admission to a higher education music institution by the start of the next academic year.

Using all his passion and desire, so it was, after a year of intensive disciplined study David was accepted into the royal conservatory of Antwerp to start a bachelor of music program. David studied there under Roland Broux, who lovingly nurtured his talent and passion. While in Belgium David also took advantage of the local classical guitar jewels. He studied privately with Jan Depreter and Johan Fostier and learned from them guitar technique par excellence.

After a year David’s heart pulled him back to Israel where he continued at the Jerusalem academy of music. While in Israel David developed a unique relationship with the beloved conductor Anita Kamien with whom he performed as a soloist with the Hebrew university orchestra. Through the Kamiens David was introduced to a deeply heartfelt performance interpretation of classical music, attributed to the Schenkerian school of music analysis.

David stayed on in Israel committed to further develop his talents there and share it with the music-loving Israeli society. David organises classical guitar concerts, individual lessons, and educational programs in Jerusalem. David furthered his studies at the musicology department of the Hebrew university of Jerusalem.

Committed also to the music of his heritage David rearranges the chassidic songs of his childhood in his classical fashion on the guitar and reinterprets them along with the warm sound of the classical guitar. David also performs and shares his unique treasure of Yiddish poems and songs, preserving and translating a culture he finds most precious.