David The Teacher

Enjoy Music with clarity

Making Sense of Music

David is able to give people absolute clarity in understanding music. David’s approach has allowed people of all levels and backgrounds to develop their enjoyment and appreciation, their singing and playing, and even improvisation and composition of music.

“Music is a language”, says david, “every language has an alphabet and so does music. I’ll introduce you to the alphabet of music, and everything will become clear. You’ll be able to understand, speak, and write music.”

David shares the deepest depths of music in the simplest language. Comprehensible to anyone, child or adult. Whether you come for guitar lessons, or general music lessons, David will broaden and strengthen your musical perception, giving you the tools the enjoy and swim in the world of music.

Discover the poetry of Guitar

Making Sense of Guitar

As can be heard in his recordings, David cherishes the voice of guitar. David’s devotion to the colourful voice of classical guitar has led him to charm audiences with magic unheard of. David studied with some of the greatest entrepreneurs in classical guitar technique. Jan Depreter, Roland Broux, Johan Fostier, Pavel Steidl, Hubert Kappel, Alberto Mesirca, amongst others.

David gives over his expertise to people eager to play the guitar, allowing them to achieve the most beautiful and sophisticated technique. David draws from his own experience in fast learning to teach people to see big results quickly, and achieve stable and far reaching technical capabilities.


Music Appreciation

Open the doors for you.
For people who may not want to play but want to increase their enjoyment of music.


Learn the beloved instrument.
For people who want to learn to play this intimate of instruments.
Lessons will also include overal musical development.

Improvisation and composition

Let me sing.
Equipping you with understanding of great songs and pieces across time, and with the tools and freedom to start your engagement.

Music appreciation lessons can also be taken online.

To book a lesson, call David (+972) 502242282 or use the form below.