Music Presentations

David entertains audiences with presentations on the wonders of music.

Journey Through Music History

In this presentation David will take you by the hand across music history showing you the centuries-long endeavour of humanity’s quest for music in just one hour.
On this journey you will see the development of Music as it took place, David will play you pieces from each period and explain its characteristics and achievements in the musical conversation between composers across time.

Renaissance Era
Baroque Era
Classical Era
Romantic Era
The 20th Century

Introduction to Musical Forms

In this presentation David will focus in on the Forms that exist in music. Forms which allowed the great classical composers as well as modern film and pop composers to build music pieces with greater development.

You will delight in the joy of a Fugue or a set of Variations which David makes accessible to all.

Theme & Variations
Modern song form

The Alphabet of Music

In this presentation David will introduce the audience to the alphabet used to create any song and great piece of music. The alphabet developed by the western tradition of music, the alphabet used by composers of all time to imagine and invent harmony and song.

Songs you’ve known all your life will become clear to you, why they affect you the way they do. Why music speaks to us, and perhaps get a grip on the mystery of why music affects us so strongly.

What is Music
What is a musical sentence
How a song is made
Why does this part of the song feel painful
Why is music experienced as logical