Ohalecha Arts and Events Center in Jerusalem

David partnered with the Ohalecha Center for Arts & Events in Jerusalem. Ohalecha was founded by Devora Lugarini – Panzer, who emigrated to Jerusalem from Genova, Italy. She had a dream of creating a place in Jerusalem for the soul to breathe. She built a beautifully flowered garden to host cultural and private events. Ohalecha opened its doors in 2020 and has been hosting intimate weddings and other celebratory events, as well as concerts, workshops, events & prayers.

David and Ohalecha connected to each other’s vision and David took on to serving as the Music Director. Together they joined forces to open a new stage in Jerusalem for beauty and celebration. A place where one can enjoy entertaining events of a pure nature, serving quality and depth.

David has been organising monthly concerts in Ohalecha, educational music events in which he teaches and performs, shares and entertains. Ohalecha’s concerts are intimate and personal, aiming to restore the joy and authenticity to classical music performance and peeling it of its pretentiousness. For that matter refreshments are always served and audiences range from children to seniors.